Our passion

Our passion drives what we do. Bringing your business goals to life in a way that connects and moves your audience is fun for
us. Really.

Why our people show up every day…

Fernanda Bolleli | Program Manager Brazil | 7+ years experience

Working at BCD M&E provides me professional growth. I am constantly learning, have autonomy to develop my activities as well as flexibility to serve customers. I also have support to overcome challenges. I keep up with BCD M&E’s growth in our market, and I’m super happy to be part of this trend!”

Liliana Córdova | Key Accounts Manager | Mexico | 10+ years experience

“My passion is to travel; I love to visit new destinations and different cultures. I have been with BCD M&E for 6 years and so far it has been the best place I have been! The people I work with have become a family and this is my second home. BCD M&E has given me the opportunity to learn, gain experience and grow to be the professional person I actually am.”

Omkar Pawar | Events Manager | India | 6+ years experience

“Take Me Anywhere! ‘Travel’ is the only thing which makes me ‘rich”; all the rest just follows. Working for BCD M&E gives me an opportunity to see, explore and discover places I have never seen, meet new people, learn about life in an interesting way, be a story teller to my friends and family, be an adventurer, make memories all over the globe and get paid for traveling.”

Susana Chao | Registration Services | United States | 25 years experience

“Hands down the best bunch of driven, passionate and fun people I have ever worked with…starting with our president! This company understands at every level the importance of its people to the overall success of the company. I feel blessed and honored to be able to contribute and participate to that success. I absolutely love working here! “

Saheb Roy | Regional Business Analyst | Asia Pacific | 12+ years experience

“I love  what I do because of the thought flexibility, which lays emphasis on creative exploration of raw ideas and innovation through an entrepreneurial growth mind-set.  I love BCD M&E because of the diversity of the team. Comprised of members from various countries of the world, it helps me get a varied yet better perspective of any subject.”

Becky Murrow | Project Manager | United States | 10 years exerpience

“I love BCD M&E for a couple reasons; the people being #1. Enjoying coming into work and seeing your co-workers is a stress reliever all in itself. Surrounding myself with smart, kind and supportive people is key.”

Simone Bischofberger | Team Leader | Switzerland| 20 years experience

“I love to be in contact with people from all around the world. Every day is different and exciting with a mixture of creativity and organisational tasks. This variety is very inspiring and fuels my motivation to find solutions for our daily challenges. I enjoy bringing different cultures together to create unforgettable experiences for our customers.”

Simon Coste | Project Manager | Belgium | 2+ years experience

“BCD Meetings & Events is an open and flexible company that values the opinions of its employees and provides plenty of learning opportunities.”

Andrea Liffers | Project Manager | Germany | 16+ years exerpience

“I enjoy training and passing on my experience to younger and more inexperienced members of staff. My job also gives me the opportunity to explore new destinations and different cultures. It’s diverse, ambitious and exciting! I have awesome clients and they are fun to work with!”

Our passion is recognized!