Where Event Design and Meetings Management Meet

Historically, the primary goals of Meetings Management have been to contain costs and drive savings, mitigate risk, ensure compliance to industry regulations and produce quality events. That’s right. Event quality was part of the initial conversation. However, because the buyer typically bought with a procurement lens and was most concerned with savings and compliance, event quality did not often receive the attention it deserved.

With new customer types emerging and a focus on stakeholder engagement within Meetings Management, event quality is back on the table—taking on central importance as a goal for many programs. These days, in order to have a successful program, organizations must pay attention to the quality of their events in order to drive high attendee engagement and satisfaction. They must also be able to measure that satisfaction and demonstrate the event-specific return on investment (ROI). Savings and compliance are now table stakes, and if individual events do not meet the needs of an organization’s meeting stakeholders, the enterprise-level Meetings Management program will not succeed.

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