SMM: Are We Complicating a Ham Sandwich?

Simplify. Streamline. Do more with less. Do those things sound familiar?

Life can be complicated, leaving many of us constantly seeking ways to make things easier and more efficient. So in this age of simplification, why do we continue to view Strategic Meetings Management as so complex?

Are we, as an industry, viewing it all wrong? Are we over complicating a ham sandwich? Strategic Meetings Management should be flexible, nimble and…strategic. SMM doesn’t have to be as complex and daunting as we’ve grown accustomed to thinking of it. By staying true to three principals, you can simplify your program and in turn, simplify your life. (Isn’t that something we all want?)

Read on to discover how to simplify your program.

by Nancy Medoff, Vice President, Global Sales at BCD Meetings & Events

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